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Circuits4Life is your one stop shop for all things Circuit Training! Let's get you outside and in the best shape of your life!

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“No more half push ups for me! My strength gains have been amazing. What I like most about Peter’s Boot Camp is that every session is different, and the exercises are modified to suit all levels. Now I give the kids a run for their money!”.
“The Boot Camp sessions are a great way to start the day. I thought I was reasonably fit before I started Boot Camp with Pete, but since I started I have lost 8 kilos, and I am the fittest I have ever been. I am definitely a convert to Boot Camp and look forward to many more sessions.”
“I can't believe how much my fitness has improved. I used to run out of breath quickly and grab my puffer, I don't even know where it is anymore!”
“Dear Peter, After many years of struggling with home-made paper circuit cards I was very excited when I came across the circuits4life ‘Trainers Toolbox’. The kit offers a huge variety of exercise cards and circuit layouts and all filed away tidily in a small box! No more stick men diagrams but instead professional looking cards that are easy for my class members to follow! They are also great for outdoors with my personal training clients as I can anchor the cards down with the pegs included in the pack. Many thanks!”
“The mini cards are a perfect selling tool for our gym memberships or personal training packages. We provide them as give aways or on-sell them to our members so that they can train when they're away at work or on holidays.”
“The mini cards are a great hit with my training clients. Just when they think their session is over with me, I give them some homework to take with them. Because the sets are inter-changable I can mix up boxing cards with body weight cards and resistant band cards and know that my clients are performing the right exercise correctly when they're not with me!”
“Well done Circuits 4 Life, the pegs are very durable, easy to find in the grass or sand. Now my cards stay where I place them!”
“Every session is quick and easy to set up outside, no matter where I am as I can just place my cards on the ground, push my pegs in and go. No UK wind will blow these away!”
“Thanks Circuits 4 Life, the TKO pack has been perfect. It's very easy to implement, especially on rainy days and the students love the new challenges!”
“Hmmm. I was feeling keen so went to the gym and tried the ‘Run Forest, Run’ set. Holy dooly!!!!!!!! Feel totally smashed now. Awesome set, did the warm-up stretches then repeated 6 sets x 2 rounds… was feeling it by half way through the second round, sweating like a pig… ha ha, but felt unreal when finished!!!”