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Circuits4Life is your one stop shop for all things Circuit Training! Let's get you outside and in the best shape of your life!

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What is Circuit Training?

A type of metabolic resistance training, a typical circuit training workout consists of 10 to 15 upper and lower body exercises or stations completed in succession, primarily for a set time (anywhere between 30 seconds, up to possibly 2 minutes) with minimal rest in between. Circuit training offers variety and can improve strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination - all in one session.

Some of the benefits of circuit training include:

  • Increasing strength and endurance

  • Increasing cardiovascular fitness

  • Promotes flexibility and coordination

  • Excellent changes in body composition (fat loss, not muscle loss)

  • Easily structured to provide a whole body workout

  • No need for a lot of expensive equipment or a gym membership

  • Participants work at their own pace and fitness level, allowing beginners to train alongside athletes

  • Sessions can be adapted for any sized workout area

  • Suits small and large groups, as well as one-on-one training

  • Circuits can be customised to a certain sport or type of session, e.g. a boxing circuit

  • Time effective - a circuit may last 30 minutes up to 60 minutes, including warm up and cool down

  • Offers variety for participants in every session

  • Proven way to improve health and fitness fast

  • Promotes team-building

  • Builds mental toughness

Body Weight training is extremely popular for Bootcamps and outdoor training sessions.

Body weight exercises include:

Pull-ups & Chin-ups
Sit-ups, Crunches & Planks
Mountain Climbers
Shuttle Runs…
… and all manner of variations to each!

In the gym, types of cardio machines used include:

Cross Trainers
Stationary Bikes
Stair Climbers

Alternative equipment can include:

Resistance bands (various levels)
Boxing gloves, mitts and hand wraps
Power Bags
Light Dumbbells (various weights 1kg-10kg)
Resistance harnesses
Medicine balls, various types (3kg-7kg) Foam mats
Battling ropes
Hurdles small and large
Agility ladders, agility poles
Professional exercise station cards (see Circuits4life Trainers Toolbox®