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    Mini Muddies High School Event

    Author: heidi manning

    Get ready for Mini Muddies!

    The Mini Muddies Mud Obstacle Race event is a dedicated event for High School students, which we are proposing to stage as the Grand Opener for our annual Tamworth-based ‘Suck it Up Buttercup’ Mud Obstacle Race in November 2015. Perfectly timed for the end of the school year and the heralding of the warmer weather, the Mini Muddies Mud Obstacle race will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase your school, and rally your Sports Houses with a unique and challenging event to add to your PDHPE calendar.

    This year’s theme is ‘Superheroes V Buttercups’. Students will be able to dress up as their favorite Superhero, or create new ones, and co-ordinate their costumes with their House colours in a truly spectacular race to defeat their worst enemy yet, THE MUD (not to mention the other schools and opposing House Teams), and possibly win their PDHPE Department the Grand Prize! Using all of their powers, and with the formation of strong Sporting House teams to overcome sheer impossible obstacles, the Mini Muddies will be pushed to their absolute limits, whilst trying to defeat the other schools and each other.

    ...It's going to be Muddy Awesome! Let us know how you prepare for the Mud Race and let us know what we can do to make it even more epic!

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