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    Do you want some Dirty Dollars?

    Author: heidi manning

    Introducing the Dirty Dollars wave!

    The 2015 Suck It Up Buttercup November mud race is about to open a dedicated race wave for the serious obstacle race competitors for a chance to win a prize pool of $1000!
    Thanks to our muddy awesome mates at the Post Office Hotel, we are bringing you a dedicated race wave with Dirty Dollars attached.

    We are proud to be the ONLY, independently owned, Australian Amateur Mud Obstacle Race to offer 'BIG' prize money!
    Our standard Suck It Up Buttercup course is already longer than most, at 10km with 30+ Obstacles. And if you think you're a superhero...this challenge is for you!

    So what's involved?
    The dedicated race wave will include:

    - 20km, 60+ Obstacles
    - First prize male: $400 CASH
    - First prize female: $400 CASH
    - Second prize male: $100 CASH
    - Second prize female: $100 CASH
    - Strict rules and conditions will apply
    - Maximum participant limit: 200

    The dedicated race wave registrations will open on Thursday, 16th of April at 1:00 for 48 hours ONLY.

    ...It's going to be Muddy Awesome! Let us know how you prepare for the Mud Race and let us know what we can do to make it even more epic!

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