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Circuits4Life is your one stop shop for all things Circuit Training! Let's get you outside and in the best shape of your life!

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'Fire It Up'
Outdoor Circuit Training (OCT) Course

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The ONLY Outdoor Circuit Training course in Australia approved by Fitness Australia!


Have you been struggling to come up with unique, innovative, brand new training ideas, week in week out? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Literally thousands of Trainers are just like you, and just like you they have decided to take action and make a difference!

Our ‘Fire it Up’ Outdoor Circuit Training Course will give you some amazing NEW resources that will help you recharge and SUPERCHARGE your sessions instantly. Your clients will LOVE their new sessions, you’ll leave them wanting more, but best of all... they will be raving about you to their family, friends and co-workers!

ASK YOURSELF… How will I stay ahead of the Competition?

The ’Fire it Up’ one-day outdoor circuit training course will get you out of that training rut you've been in - stuck in the trap of setting out 8 stations in a circle with a different exercise on each one, session after session after session… “Wash-rinse-repeat”… STOP IT!

We know it's tough to come up with innovative, exciting new ideas for every session (we've been there too) and we know the hours, days and weeks you have wasted trying to figure out what to do in your next session. STOP IT! GET FIRED UP!

The Fact is: “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn

  • FACT: As a Trainer/Coach, your time is valuable. You don’t want to spend your entire day or night designing session plans and programs for your clients and group classes. Your time is better spent effectively training your clients, working ON and marketing your business, and continuing your education and professional development.

  • FACT: As a Trainer/Coach, you need to deliver REAL results using cutting edge workouts. You pride yourself on the effectiveness of your programs. One of the most important aspects to growing your client base are referrals from your clients that YOU GET RESULTS!

  • FACT: As a Trainer/Coach, you are always aiming to keep your clients. It’s much easier and cheaper to keep a current client than it is to try to find new ones. Part of your client retention is ensuring that not only are you helping solve problems, and getting them results, but finding ways to keep your workout sessions new, fresh and exciting.

  • FACT: The Best Trainers and Coaches leverage… Leverage is a term that describes using the available resources around you, and adapting them to your specific needs. Do what you do best and delegate the rest!

Your NEW circuit training skills will challenge your beginners, intermediate, and your hard core elite fitness participants… all in the same session! You’ll walk away with the tools and know-how to make sure that NOBODY finishes your workouts wanting more... 100% guaranteed!

Here’s your opportunity to get the competitive edge

Now you have access to session plans, and until recently, secret innovative, creative and results-based resources and ideas that are being used by trainers worldwide, which makes them the GO-TO trainer in their area!

We train our Fitness Professionals using the TrainersToolbox® and Done4You® programs that will ensure safe, effective and challenging circuit training outdoor fitness sessions, that are highly sought after, regardless of client age or fitness level. The TrainersToolbox® will be used throughout the course, and once you've seen it in action, it will become a MUST HAVE in your training arsenal!

Plus, with the Done4You® programs… we will bring you exciting NEW workouts, all done for you complete with warm up, main session, cool down, how long the session will take and what equipment you’ll need! Now you can stop worrying about what you are going to do from session to session. Simply print off your workouts, or take them on your tablet, iPad or Smart Phone and you’re good to go… it’s really that simple. You’ll even be able to pass them on to another qualified trainer and have the day off! Now THAT’S INNOVATIVE!

The ‘Fire it Up’ course includes the NEW, exciting and original BIFF® program (Boxing Instruction For Fitness). The BIFF® program won’t turn you into a contender, but you WILL walk away a Champion!

Using the easy to follow Boxing combinations and bodyweight exercises, you have an unlimited amount of ‘BIFF’ circuit sessions to get your participants in the best shape of their life… ever!

We will teach you how to adapt combo’s such as

- Punch shuffle under
- 2-4-6-8 Combo
- Punch/shuffle fast feet
- Double jab/shape up
- Hook/uppercut combo
- 20+10 Combo
- 4’s Combo

… and many more, to give you another point of difference, and an awesome weapon to add to your fitness training armoury!

You’ll walk away with the easy to implement marketing ideas to increase your income stream by offering the ‘BIFF’ program to your clients. We will even give you a 6 week (one session a week) ‘Go the BIFF’ program that you can offer to Sports Teams, Secondary Schools, Businesses, Emergency personnel, Councils, Mothers groups etc. in your area, and immediately lift your profile as the expert in your town.

So, if you want to…

  • - Offer FRESH and innovative workouts that you can immediately implement into your circuit sessions that will excite your clients, athletes and groups and get them results

  • - Free up your valuable time so you can focus on working ON your business NOT IN IT

  • - Take your sessions to the next level and be known as the GO-TO trainer in your area

  • - Increase your REVENUE STREAM and give yourself the COMPETITIVE EDGE using the exact resources that are being implemented by Trainers around the world

  • - BE THE FIRST point of contact as the recognised Fitness Professional in your community and surrounding area

Then come join us for the ‘Fire it Up’ Outdoor Circuit training Course – it WILL make a difference!

Please check below for courses in your capitol area.

- Fernwood Fitness, Darra QLD             
- Anytime Fitness, Hyde Park NSW         

- Genesis Fitness, Dandenong V
- Genesis Fitness, Coffs Harbour NSW

Course Content


Course Aims and Objectives
Your Instructor
Course Duration & Timetable
Fitness Australia CECs
About This Workbook

What is Circuit Training?

Benefits of Circuit Training
Types of Circuit Training Equipment to Use
Some Considerations for Equipment Selection

Outdoor Training Principles for Small and large Groups

Delivery Considerations
Your Outdoor Circuit Training Environment
Risk Management, Best Practice
New regulations for Outdoor Training
Sample Session & Risk Management Plan

Lesson Design and Progression Principles

Maximise Your Ability to Cater for All Fitness Levels in Mixed Groups

Planning of Your Outdoor Circuit Training session

Introduction - every session do this!
The Warm-up
Warm-up Key Points
Warm-up Drills
The Main session
Cool Down Key Points

Circuit Session Ideas and Types of Formats

Timed Circuits
Tabata Intervals

Fitness Testing


Cardio Drills (Session Sizzlers)

Sample Session Sizzlers
Cardio Cones

The 'BIFF' Boxing Instruction for Fitness Program

Boxing Drills and Combo's
Equipment Required
The Basics
Variations of Punches and Knee Hits
Bodyweight Exercises
The BIFF Combinations
Planning the Class Structure
Putting it All Together

Outdoor & Other Resources to Complement the Trainers Toolbox

How to Build Your Numbers for Outdoor Circuit Training Sessions

What's Your 12-month Marketing & training Plan?
Plan for the year ahead - Set a Calendar - Be Ready!
OCT Fitness Gift Cards

How to Get Involved with Your Community and Train Your Clients for Charity Events

Giving Your Participants a Reason

About Circuits4life

Who is Circuits4life
What is the Trainer's Toolbox?

Upcoming Courses

Course Location

Fernwood Fitness Darra - May

2a/27 Bellwood Street, Darra QLD 4076 REGISTRATIONS CLOSED



Anytime Fitness Hyde Park

227 Elizabeth Street, Sydney 2000 REGISTRATIONS CLOSED



Fernwood Fitness Darra - August

2a/27 Bellwood Street, Darra QLD 4076 REGISTRATIONS CLOSED



Genesis Fitness Dandenong

63 Scott Street, Dandenong VIC 3175 REGISTRATIONS CLOSED



Genesis Fitness - Coffs Harbour

31 Park Ave, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 - REGISTRATIONS CLOSED



Fernwood Fitness Darra - October

2a/27 Bellwood Street, Darra QLD 4076 - REGISTRATIONS CLOSED