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Twin Peaks Challenge

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Twin Peaks Challenge all about?

The Twin Peaks Challenge completed its 6th year in September 2015, and to date has raised over $185,000 for Ronald McDonald House® Tamworth. 

The North Coast Holiday Parks 2015 Twin Peaks Challenge VI took place at the incredible new location at Lake Glenbawn, Scone NSW. For the first time in history of any event at that location, we were granted permission by Water NSW to traverse both the upper and lower dam walls. With its beautiful surroundings and breathtaking scenery, and the chance to run and ride across the dam walls, last year's 45+km challenging course was unique and memorable!

Now in it's 7th year, the Twin Peaks Challenge aimed to again raise money for this worthy cause, helping a charity that survives purely through fundraising, with no Government assistance.

Ronald McDonald House® is dedicated to providing a home away from home for thousands of families each year. When a child is seriously ill and the care they need is a long way from home, they provide somewhere to stay close by, allowing the family to remain together.

As you probably know yourself, when you are ill, having those that love you by your side, a shoulder to cry on, or a kiss goodnight when you’re stuck in hospital can make all the difference. Ronald McDonald House® Tamworth is the ideal place for families to be together, offering the comforts of home during one of the most critical times in their lives.

Serious illness also often creates great financial burden on families, and not only does Ronald McDonald House® Tamworth offer this home away from home, they provided much needed financial assistance to help their families keep their lives going, often paying bills and other expenses for them.

Ronald McDonald House® is run by a small team of professional, caring staff backed up by friendly dedicated volunteers who help out with practical tasks and keep everything running smoothly. The House is a vital support service for so many families in need, offering warmth and inspiration and allowing friendships to be formed as families share a similarly challenging journey. The House is a place where everyone understands the importance of small ‘wins’ and the celebrations that come with them, along with the empathy and outpouring of love when facing immense sadness in their lives.

The House does not receive government funding and therefore relies completely upon the generosity and commitment from the community to keep its doors open to families who are in need. Involvement and support in the Twin Peaks Challenge helps to make a real difference.