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Circuits 4 Life


Circuits4life aims to give you the business tools, and motivational and creative ideas, that will electrify your circuit training sessions, using minimal equipment, a ‘go anywhere’ attitude, and a secret weapon that your competitors wished they had found first.

We are here to be your session co-ordinator, your choreographer, and your business mentor - we aim to be one of the most important, time-effective and cost-effective arms of your business, working hard for you, supporting you and your business, so that you have more time to dedicate to getting your people fit, happy and healthy, and making your business a success.

CECs Circuit Courses

Whether training indoor or out, with Circuits4life Fitness Australia CECs circuit training courses, you will learn how to plan and deliver safe, effective and fun sessions that will improve your participants' cardio fitness levels, muscular endurance, core stability and hand/eye co-ordination. Whilst having a great time in a group or individual setting. To find the course closest to you, contact us.


Circuit Training Cards

The perfect tool to add to your training equipment! Easily transported, your A4 plastic Circuit Training Cards can be secured in the ground using custom steel pegs, or the mini cards can be hung from your shorts while you're on the move!
Choose from 160 A4 training cards or 8 mini training card sets, from 8 different exercise series. Sturdy, durable and printed with UV-resistant ink, the Circuits4life Circuit Training Cards are perfectly suited for indoors and outdoor use.


Bubble Soccer

Soccer just became a contact sport!

Physically demanding, exciting and totally laugh out loud hilarious fun. Strap yourself into a zorb ball, run around playing a full contact game of soccer, and just try to stay upright. Is anyone keeping score? You’ll be laughing too hard to care! Bubble Soccer – the greatest game ever played!

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