Bubble Soccer

Soccer just became a full contact sport!
Who comes up with this stuff?
At some point, someone must have had the thought: “Soccer would be so much more fun if you could play it in a bubble!”


Physically demanding, exciting and totally laugh out loud hilarious fun. Strap yourself into a Zorb Ball, run around playing a game of full contact soccer, bouncing off your opponents (and each other) to tackle and score… and just try to stay upright... no room for faking injuries here! Is anyone keeping score? You’ll be laughing too hard to care!

Corporate Events & Team Building

“When people have fun and collaborate together, they feel like they are on the same team”

At work you’re not allowed to run at your colleagues or your clients, but in Corporate Bubble Soccer, well, it’s sort’a mandatory! Imagine a 3-on-1 tackle - bubbles and bodies flying everywhere! This soccer game is hilariously full on when teamwork skills are tested in a bid to take out the opposition.

A team that works well together is more productive, more effective, more successful, and loads more fun to work with! Establishing and developing those bonds can be tricky, especially when typical team building activities tend to elicit more yawns and eye-rolling than WOOHOO’s and high five-ing.

Fun in the workplace increases overall productivity, boosts morale, and creates a team-oriented competitive environment, where team members tend to show more pride in the company, and stronger loyalty to the business and each other.

What obvious edge do you have on your competitors? Big entertainment budgets have gone on a diet, and many small businesses never had much to play with in the first place. Plenty of business is still won on the links, but not everyone plays golf. If a tee time is your only weapon when it comes to entertaining clients, you’re not thinking creatively enough! Now you can think Corporate Bubble Soccer!

We'll specifically design your bubble soccer round-robin game of team building, client schmoozing, and belly laughs. Minimum 20 participants, 2 hours hire time required. This will include all equipment, Public Liability Insurance. Additional to this will be Sports Dome Court Hire fees!

NB. 4-6 weeks of notice is required and full payment is required prior to the event to secure your Tamworth Sports Dome courts – phone 6761 2230 for all the details on how you can create a team-oriented competitive environment that will help build teamwork, communication and trust, AND MAKE YOU EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR!


- Must be 13 years and older.
- Must wear enclosed sports shoes - NO spikes, studs, moulded shoes or work boots/hiking boots.
- No bare feet permitted.
- No jewellery of any kind including watches.
- Games consist of 2 halves of no longer than 7.5 minutes per half with a 2 minute break at half time.
- Any overtly rough play, abusive language or challenge to the Referee's authority will not be tolerated.



Our preferred location is the Tamworth Sports Dome, however, we are able to work with you to accommodate your location or any other requirements you may have .